Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a tour to see the school?

Contact our Admissions Coordinator to schedule a time to tour the school Monday through Thursday 10 am – 2 pm by contacting Admissions at or 403.242.2896 ext 312.

School Open Houses are scheduled twice each year – one in the fall and one in the spring - and can be found on our website under the Admissions/Open House tab.


What are your class sizes?

Preschool: 14–16 students/class

Kindergarten: 18–20 students/class

Grades 1–2: 20–22 students/class

Grades 3–6: 24 students/class

Grades 7-9: 25–27 students/class

Grades 10-12: 25 students/class (depends on schedules, core subjects, options etc.)


What makes you a Christian school? How are you different from a public school?

Calgary Christian is an Alternative Public School, which means that everything at CCS is taught through a Christian perspective and by Christian educators. A biblical foundation exists in all we do. School days not only start with prayer and time for devotions, but every subject and topical discussion is infused with our Christian world-and-life view. CCS also applies the biblical “through –lines” found in the Teaching for Transformation curriculum provided by the Prairie Centre for Christian Education (PCCE). Bible classes are taught specifically in the Elementary and Middles schools, while High School students explore faith in action through Religious Ethics, World Religions, chapels, activity involvement, individual and group projects. Together, CCS, home, and church work together to provide a foundation for students to believe, learn and grow.


What are your fees?

The Christian Education Fee Schedule for the 2017-18 school year can be found here. Each May the new contribution schedule is presented at the Spring Society Meeting. 


Do you have school uniforms?

CCS supports the responsible decision making of individuals and families where school clothing is concerned. This personal approach to discernment applies to the components, styles and costs of clothing worn by students, the display of which is supervised by school faculty and administrators using a dress code that allows for individual expression and comfort within defined boundaries of modesty, cleanliness, and appropriateness for activities. This “personal responsibility model” has been a part of CCS’s long standing commitment to provide a communal environment of learning, encouragement, cultural engagement, and God-honoring governance.


Is bussing available?

We do offer user-funded bus transportation. Our routes run south of Stoney Trail, West of Macleod Trail and North of 22X. If you like outside these areas, please contact our Transportation Coordinator at 403.242.2896 ext 318. For our transportation fees, please refer to current Christian Education Fee Schedule.

Routes are designed in July, based on the criteria provided by families requesting service. Parents are provided with written route details and approved schedules in August each year.  View our bus route map HERE.