Learning Adventures Preschool offers:

  • Active, fun environment with crafts, music, stories & more
  • Building Better Brain Program (Neuro-Plasticity) 
  • Early literacy and numeracy skills
  • Social and emotional development
  • Trained staff
  • Small class size (8:1, students to staff); 2 staff in each class
  • 3 and 4-year old classes

Who Are We?

Calgary Christian School’s Learning Adventures Preschool is a part of an independent Christian school whose goal is to integrate school, church and family life.

Education & Vision

Reaching for Excellence!

As a Christian-based environment, Learning Adventures Preschool’s goal is to continuously expand each child’s innate gifts, to expand their curiosity, knowledge, skills and creativity through an educationally designed approach to learning. Thereby nurturing and developing the whole child.

  • Socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually

What Will your Child Learn at Preschool?

  • To believe in themselves
  • To become more independent
  • Be exposed to music and crafts
  • To enhance social skills
  • To develop problem solving skills
  • Learn numbers and letters
  • To know God’s love for them
 Teacher and assistant in every class

Teacher and assistant in every class


What is Required for Registering Your Child?

  1. A completed Preschool Registration Form
  2. Copy of the child's birth certificate
  3. Copy of the immunization records (if applicable)
  4. $50 application fee
  5. $300 deposit (will be applied to program fees)


For additional information contact:

Admissions Coordinator 


403-242-2896 ext 312