Exam Schedule Jan 2018

January 2018 CCS Exam Schedule (click to open)

  • Students are expected to be in their exam location by 8:45am.
  • High school students must bring their student identification or some other form of valid photo¬†identification with them to the exam.
  • Students must remain in the exam location for one hour after the final exam has started. Students may not enter the exam location after an hour has passed. Also, students may not return to the exam location after they have left.
  • No electronic devices of any kind are allowed in the exam location. Any student found to have an electronic device on them will have their exam taken away and will receive a zero on that exam.
  • Students must write the exam at the time indicated on the schedule.
  • Students are encouraged to attend tutorials as arranged by classroom teachers throughout the exam break.
  • Students must return all textbooks and all other school property the day of the corresponding exam.