Belize Service Trip 2016-17

 Unfortunately last years 2016 trip did not take place due to safety concerns. The money raised last year all went to Belize to continue helping the organizations that we have partnered with over the years.

YWAM and the Nazarene school are very thankful for all of the donations this far and have asked me to say a big thank you to everyone for the continued support. I am really excited to say that we are planning to return to Belize again this year and are in full planning mode at the moment. Thanks to all who have supported us in prayer and financially over the years. 

    Next years Belize Service Trip will take place April 1-12, 2017. We are looking forward to building our relationships with YWAM, the Nazarene School and the Children's Home. If your child is in High School at CCS and would like to go and serve on the trip they will need to apply. Please fill in the Belize Preparation Document by clicking on the following link. Belize Preparation Doc.We need this document emailed or handed in to me on or before September 16, 2016. Remember that this is just the application process and does not guarantee your child going on the trip. We are looking at taking twenty students this year so unfortunately not everyone gets to go.

   Please be aware that Calgary Christian School provides an open learning environment that allows students to explore as many opportunities as possible and invite learning/growth opportunities for our student population.  Our educational philosophy allows for a great deal of learning that should happen outside the classroom.  Service/experiential learning is quickly becoming a key component to how we operate in God’s great world. The Belize trip has been designed with the purpose of allowing students to grow and mature while glorifying God through our actions, behaviour and knowledge.  

This trip must be viewed as both an opportunity and a privilege.  As such the onus must be placed on the student to prove that no unnecessary hardship will come as a result of their participation.  In order to earn the right to go on this trip the following conditions must be agreed to by the student:

  1. The student agrees to attend all classes and show up on time.  Skipping and showing up late are irresponsible and therefore will nullify the student’s opportunity to participate in the trip.
  2. Students must participate by doing all the service & fundraising opportunities that we do together over the year before we go to Belize. Failure to meet expectations will result in the student being removed from the trip.
  3. Lifestyle choices must be wise and God honoring.  Calgary Christian School has adopted a “zero tolerance” attitude regarding substance abuse, including drugs, alcohol and other related activities taking place before or during any of its trips.

 I am truly looking forward to going to Belize and working together with our students on our 11th Belize Service trip.  


Phil Bonk


Photo Gallery from Belize Service Trip 2015




Belize Team 2015

Belize Team 2015

This Year's Building Project "YWAM Multipurpose Building"

Please press the link below to watch a video about the Multi Purpose Building being built at the YWAM base in Belize. About 8 years ago YWAM had a fire that totally destroyed the kitchen! Since that time they have been using a make shift kitchen! The process of building the new building has been a very difficult mainly due to the ability to raise the amount of money that is needed to buy materials to complete this project.  We would love to complete this project in the next few years but will need financial help in order to do this. If you are able to help out in donating funds or know anyone who could help please contact me for further information.