BOARD HIGHLIGHTS Monday, September 18, 2017

The CSCE Board launched a new year of activity September 18, with Bill Lindemulder serving as Chair.

Peter Buwalda, Treasurer, opened the session with devotions and prayer.

Minutes of the June 19, 2017 meeting were approved

The principals, director of faith formation, and executive director presented their reports, sharing enrollment status, personnel changes, program offerings and new initiatives for the school year.

During the course of its meeting, the Board approved the following measures:

  • To require the principals and chaplain to meet with the Board only on an ad hoc basis by invitation of the Executive Director.
  • To add an Education Committee to the roster of standing Board committees
  • To further review the current committee structure in light of CSCE approved strategic priorities.
  • To have a replacement director presented for approval at the CSCE General Meeting, November 14, 2017. (previously elected director resigned due to family relocation)
  • To present a new auditor for appointment by vote at the November 14, 2017 meeting.
  • To appoint Indenticor as the provider to lead the re-branding work scheduled for 2017-18.

Directors were provided with committee assignments. These include the Executive, Finance, Strategic Planning, Nominating, Policy, and Education committees.

The Treasurer reported the 2017 fiscal year concluded August 31 with CSCE showing a positive net position.  Revenue projections based on current enrollment are meeting budget expectations.

The Executive presented their annual performance review of the Executive Director.  

Next Meeting Date—October 23, 2017—7:00 in The LINC  


CSCE Board

Society Board members are elected individuals who are passionate and skilled to provide leadership and see that the mission and vision of Calgary Christian School is realized.  Our current Board Members are:

  • Bill Lindemulder, Chair
  • Russell VanderVeen, Vice Chair
  • Peter Buwalda, Treasurer
  • Gord VanVliet, Secretary
  • Carmen Souster, Director
  • Vern Malcolm, Director
  • Jessica Cheesman, Director
  • Anna Noga, Director
  • Harry Nutma, Director

You may contact the Board by email: CSCE Board

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CCS Structure

Calgary Christian School is a faith-based Alternative Program within the Palliser School Division, in partnership with the Calgary Society for Christian Education (CSCE).

Each family with a child enrolled in Kindergarten through Grade 12 must maintain a membership in the Society. The Society has an elected Board of Directors as well as Society Staff that work together to direct the operational aspects of the school.

The Society holds, at a minimum, two annual meetings for members and supporters. There are voluntary advisory councils comprised of parents, staff and supporting members to offer support and information on educational, operational, financial and community relations matters.

This governance model provides parents and supporters the opportunity to actively participate in providing quality Christian education for the students at CCS.

Society Strategic Plan Fall 2017

CSCE Staff

There are a number of society staff employed by the CSCE to provide on-site support for the responsibilities of the society.






  • Dees, Ron: Master Electrician
  • Ermter, Keith: Mechanical Maintenance Assistant
  • Sawy, Paul: Custodian (Secondary Campus)
  • Stephens, Rich: Chief Engineer
  • Zwart, Arnold: Director of Maintenance

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