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Theme Verse for 2016 - 2017  

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


From Pastor Layne Kilbreath

Dr. Setan Lee

Dr. Setan Lee of Transform Asia

Dr. Setan Lee of Transform Asia

Thanks to a student, we were able to host Dr. Setan Lee of Transform Asia at our Secondary Chapel today!  A survivor of the Khmer Rouge, Dr. Setan shared a powerful message of Jesus power to help him forgive.  Please ask your student what they learned in Chapel today.  

Here is a link to a 9 minute video of Dr. Lee's story.  Warning, there are some graphic images not appropriate for younger children. 

Dr. Setan Lee is speaking in Calgary at both C3 Church services this Sunday (Nov. 20) if you would like to attend. 


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