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From Pastor Layne Kilbreath

Mrs. Nieuwenhuis Update - Nov 21, 2016

Dear family and friends,

Today we learned that in the cancer world, when a tumour is not "worse" (as in, it has not grown), then things are considered "better,"  as in, good. While the Dr. said it is too early to tell if my lung tumour has actually shrunk, she was happy with the x-ray results and the blood work (no effect on the liver) and promised that I would feel stronger and less tired by Christmas. I did ask about "immunotherapy" but there needs to be more research to find out how "chemical inhibitors" work with (or against) the Crizotinib drug that I am on. All this to say that going forward, I continue to take my pills 2x a day, try to exercise more and do more, and see my Medical Oncologist (chemo doctor) every 2 months.

So...after the flurry of treatments, scans, and Doctors' visits, with their follow-up e-mails, "no news is good news" will be my "mantra." We continue to covet your prayers, asking God for a miracle of healing, or at least, more days on this beautiful planet with all of you.

Love to all,
Jane and George


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