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Richard Abma Update - Feb 10, 1017

Dear Friends,

Richard had his doctor appointment Wednesday.  His blood levels were good so he is starting the next round of chemo as of yesterday morning. Weight is ok but could be better if he would eat more. Food is often disagreeable or even repulsive in taste and smell.  It will be 2 weeks on chemo, one week off and then repeat.  After that, during the final week off he will have a CT Scan to see whether the tumour and lymph nodes have shrunk. It is this information which will determine how we will move forward. (ie will the tumour be removed surgically). Our next appointment is March 15.  He has medicine for indigestion and for mouth sores and indigestion which are ongoing side effects. We continue to eat healthy foods, stay active as much as possible (tennis and hockey this week (woot, woot)) and feed our minds and soul also. We are aware of the many prayers being said on our behalf and thank you for this. 


with much gratitude,

Richard and Wendy


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