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Richard Abma Update - Jan 9, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I just received this email from Richard Abma and wanted to share it with you.  He's having ups and downs but I could almost hear his voice encouraging me to laugh as I read the funny parts.  He's in his second round of chemo and feeling good right now.

Let's contnue to keep Richard, Wendy and their kids in our prayers.

Pastor Layne 


Hi Layne,

We're just back from Wendy's parents' 60th Wedding Anniversary. Celebrating such a milestone and doing it together with family was a high point in the past 4 months. I felt quite well for most of the time there as I was having a hiatus from the chemo then. I feel far too disconnected from all of you at CCS. The daily cards throughout Advent and all the way to Jan 4 were a highlight. Each day began with encouragement through poignant words and messages of love. Knowing we are being prayed for daily by so many people really does "lift" us up. 

Christmas and New Years have been busy and tiring with many people around and plenty of activities to participate in. We are thankful that I could skate as well as do a couple of cross country ski trips. They are done at a slower pace particularly the long up hills when skiing. I find myself sucking for wind then.

I had quite a scare some weeks back when we had our first really cold snap. Feeling all macho after chopping a good sized pile of wood I ended up being quite feeble a few hours later. The act of chopping wood jarred my cancerous kidney causing much pain and discomfort that took a number of days to subside. We are more than thankful that it did.

I am in the middle of the second round of chemo and I feel very good. This is likely due to the fact that I have just had a week off chemo and will now be on it for 14 days straight. I will see the oncologist after the 14 days and will likely do another round of chemo before having the next CT Scan. Pray the chemo is effective, the side effects of the chemo are not too difficult (this round is better than the first one in that regard) and that the tumor shrinks and can be successfully removed in the spring.

I'll come by some time soon,



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