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I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


From Pastor Layne Kilbreath

Update from Mrs. Nieuwenhuis (Dec. 8, 2016)

Hi family and friends,

Yesterday I had blood work done as I was complaining of being dizzy off and on. Today I received a call from the cancer Pharmacist to say that I need to stop taking the Crizotinib for 2 weeks as the "ALT" and "AST" numbers in my liver are too high. Apparently this is a common problem and happens in 70% of patients on this drug. The positive news is that my white blood cell count is good which means my immune system is doing okay! In 2 weeks, I will do blood work again and then will get a call to say whether I can go back on the Crizotinib or not. Please pray that my liver will recover enough so that I can go back on the cancer drug and that I won't lose hope.

Thanks. I love you all.



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