Clear your Wednesday nights in March! As the Parenting Positivity Essentials Course is coming to CCS! Call your babysitter or relatives to watch your kids.  Have another parent take your child to their team sports or extra curricular activities.  If you're in a Small Group or Bible Study, ask them to join you! Friends and family are welcome to join you for this amazing course. A life of positivity means you experience more positive emotions than negative ones.  


These are the Top 5 Reasons you need Positivity:

5. Identify how you can increase positive emotions in your life - create daily habits that work for you.

4. Increase your emotional awareness and stop reacting to life circumstances - you have a choice.

3. Learn how to be your "best self" who God created you to be, more often.

2. Positivity is contagious.  Choose to become happier and happiness will ripple into other areas and people in your life.

1. Parents have a unique opportunity to learn what their kids are learning and reinforce these important life skills as this course will be offered to our Grade 7 - 12 students.


March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 from 7-9pm in the LINC at the Secondary Campus, with a follow-up session on April 19!  Cost is $69/person or $119/couple.  To register and for more details go to the POSITIVITY CENTRE WEBPAGE.   Have questions? Feel free to email Leona.




Helping your kids get enough sleep

Research has shown that not getting enough sleep can have an impact on children’s behavior, emotional well-being and school performance.

Today’s kids are getting less sleep than children from past generations.

Certain aspects of modern life, such as heavy use of cellphones, computers, iPads and other electronic devices, are interfering with the amount of sleep children get.

Things parents can do to encourage their children to get the sleep they need:

  • Set regular bedtimes for your kids and consistent bedtime routines. This helps young children develop a sort of rhythm for sleep and waking.
  • Try to get your children off the computer (and other screens) at least an hour before bedtime.

Computers, televisions, tablets and cellphones (and the light they emit) stimulate the brain in ways that make it harder for kids to feel ready for sleep.

  • Help your child wind down before bedtime. Do something relaxing together – read stories, listen to quiet music or do some belly breathing (deep, slow breathing that helps to reduce anxiety and stress).
  • Encourage your child to get exercise earlier in the day. Research shows that children who are physically active during the day fall asleep faster and get more sleep than kids who spend a lot of time sitting.



Teenagers’ internal clocks work differently, they tend to stay up late – it is hard for them to feel sleepy at the time when we think they should be going to bed, and then have trouble getting up in the morning. Many teens are chronically short of sleep. This can affect their mood, school performance and more.

This is a tough one for parents. Here are a few strategies that may help:

  • Have a weekday bedtime and a curfew on weekends. Of course, you can’t make kids sleep, but having a time when they need to be in their rooms without a cellphone, computer, tablet or gaming console, may help them wind down for sleep. A set bedtime also gives them the message that you think sleep should be a priority.
  • Don’t make sleep a battleground. Talk to your teenagers about why sleep is important, and encourage them to get enough (without nagging). Do some research together to learn about how sleep promotes learning and overall health.
  • Have a “no cellphones in bed” policy. Studies show that teenagers send and receive text messages at times when they should be asleep. Some are even woken up by text messages from their friends. Make nighttime the time when everyone charges their cellphones.
  • Some professionals discourage sleeping in on weekends, but teenagers do need to catch up on their sleep, so weekend mornings are the easiest time, as long as they do not sleep in to cause insomnia troubles on Sunday night.