Calgary Society for Christian Education


Monday, September 17, 2018

 The 2018-19 CSCE Board had their first meeting of the school year September 17, with the following members present:

Bill Lindemulder  - Chair

Gord VanVliet – Vice Chair

Steven Kroeker - Treasurer

Foluyke Adebayo – Director

Iris Charabin - Director

Jessica Cheesman - Director

Vern Malcolm - Director

Harry Nutma – Director

The evening opened with devotions and prayer focused on the theme verse of the year “Blessed by God to be a blessing”.

A few highlights were:

  • The Board was presented with a new format for meeting practices and a motion will be forthcoming to adopt the Consent Agenda format at the next meeting.
  • The amended minutes from the June 18, 2018 meeting were approved.
  • Revenue projections based on current enrolment – which are higher than anticiapted - are meeting budget expectations.
  • A re-formatted Society policy manual draft was introduced. The Policy Committee will review its content and make recommendation for adoption of policies on an on-going basis.
  • Strategic Planning Committee’s work will focus on identification of capital expenses priorities for the year, and the development and approval of a secondary school building expansion design.
  • The Education Committee identified its priorities as the selection of a secondary school principal and the approval of a CCS Graduate Profile defining our Christian education outcomes for all students.


  • Next Meeting Date—October 15, 2018—7:00 in The LINC  



CSCE Board

Society Board members are elected individuals who are passionate and skilled to provide leadership and see that the mission and vision of Calgary Christian School is realized.  Our current Board Members are:

  • Bill Lindemulder, Chair
  • Gord VanVliet, Vice Chair
  • Steven Kroeker, Treasurer
  • Foluke Adebayo, Director
  • Jessica Cheesman, Director
  • Harry Nutma, Director
  • Iris Charabin, Secretary
  • Vern Malcolm, Director


You may contact the Board by email: CSCE Board

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CCS Structure

Calgary Christian School is a faith-based Alternative Program within the Palliser School Division, in partnership with the Calgary Society for Christian Education (CSCE).

Each family with a child enrolled in Kindergarten through Grade 12 must maintain a membership in the Society. The Society has an elected Board of Directors as well as Society Staff that work together to direct the operational aspects of the school.

The Society holds, at a minimum, two annual meetings for members and supporters. There are voluntary advisory councils comprised of parents, staff and supporting members to offer support and information on educational, operational, financial and community relations matters.

This governance model provides parents and supporters the opportunity to actively participate in providing quality Christian education for the students at CCS.

Society Strategic Plan Fall 2017

CSCE Staff

There are a number of society staff employed by the CSCE to provide on-site support for the responsibilities of the society.






  • Dees, Ron: Master Electrician
  • Ermter, Keith: Mechanical Maintenance Assistant
  • Sawy, Paul: Custodian (Secondary Campus)
  • Zwart, Arnold: Director of Maintenance

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