Truly transformational curriculum asks something of our students, it demands a response. We seek to educate Calgary Christian School students to transform God’s kingdom, thereby “God’s Children Making the World a Better Place”. These attributes we seek to instill are called throughlines and are viewed as the “end product” of each TfT unit. Teachers ask “What “faith in action” characteristic do I hope our students will gain at the conclusion of our study in this subject?”

God- worshippers                       Idolatry- discerners

Earth- keepers                            Beauty- creators

Justice- seekers                          Creation- enjoyers

Servant- workers                        Community- builders

Image- reflectors                        Order – discoverers

Transformation happening @ CCS!


Sharing the gift of vision

Some Grade Nine students took a trip back to grade one today to invite the first graders into a story of Justice Seeking and praising God for the gift of sight.  Last year, when they were in grade 8, these students took a trip to help clean, grade and…


Celebrating with our Maintenance Staff!

This Grade 4 class is celebrating Christmas together with our maintenance staff. Special music was prepared by a few of the staff to share at this special Christmas celebration. Students used this opportunity to show their gratitude for the staff by…


CCS has some unique neighbours as the school property is adjacent to Shalem and Glenmeadow Gardens. The senior and 55+ buildings have many long-time residents and some who have connections to Calgary Christian.  Several times a year our school connect…

Partnering with Brown Bagging Calgary

The Grade 5 students, partnered with Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids, created trail mix snack bags which were donated to a local school in need.  These snacks are used at the school to give to hungry children who come to school with no lunches.  The…

Seeking Justice

Our Grade 3 class has challenged the school to participate in a Food Drive!  All items received will go to fill the shelves of the Emmanuel Church Food Pantry.  Due date is Friday, October 13.  The Gr 3's understand that everyone deserves food, thank…

Kindness rocks!

Today the students of 5TM placed their kindness rocks throughout the school grounds.  If you're visiting our ES campus, please look for these colourful rocks with inspirational and encouraging words!  Thanks for being such great Community-Builders!